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Achieve Freedom

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Our opportunity is unbiased, not based on popularity, and given to everyone. When you have the ability to promote yourself, you only need to look in the mirror to see your reason for getting or not getting promoted. Combine that with the backing of recruiting, training, and complete support from our staff and executives and you have the winning formula we have created in Team Argenta.

Our system is simple, duplicate yourself by 2 and promote yourself to the next level. Our business is built on not only recruiting but training. We can bring people through the doors all day, but if our trainers are not on point they’ll walk right back out. So we are constantly sharpening our training tools and systems to work more efficiently. So we train our trainers how to manage a team, hold them accountable, and inspire them when they are down. We give you the tools you need to build your team; work ethic and grit are what we need from you to make it happen.


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